Saturday, April 7, 2012

Qantas Retro B747-400 Collection.

Hello Everyone,

Long time no speak...

I got kinda bored and hadn't posted on here for a while so I decided to make myself busy.
And here's the result.

So we have.

  • VH-OJC, Livery was used on the Lockheed L-188 Electra
  • VH-OJS, Livery used on the 707 Trainer aircraft, which was a special HS-125 fitted with a 707 Cockpit
  • VH-OEB, Livery used on B707-138B's, V-Jet was a nickname for the new Turbofan engine, still used today on N707JT, John Travolta's personal B707
  • VH-OEF, Livery is the livery used on VH-XBA which is now retired at Longreach
  • VH-OEH, Livery was the livery that the B747-200B was delivered in.

They will get released on Avsim and in due time.

C&C Welcome.



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  1. Gday matt are these for the PMDG? I have been doing a lot of retro paints myself in all of the old aussie liveries for various payware aircraft as well as some new stuff too but mainly old fictionals. they are a lot of fun to do some are quite challenging but fun none the less


    (Reverse Thrust Studios) once its up and running properly